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Love and Basketball

Ole School 80’s Crazy:  Our first date was enjoyable.  Karaoke and laughs over a decent meal.  It’s birthday time for me and my girls and I celebrate all month.  Well, Mr. Ole School 80’s Crazy is growing impatient and is asking why I haven’t shared any birthday celebration festivities with him.  It’s NBA Championship time so I suggest we watch one of the games together tomorrow (which would have been Sunday).  Sunday morning, Mr. Ole School 80’s Crazy calls and informs me that he’s at the Wharf buying seafood.  (Passing Thought: That sounds good.  I hope he’s not planning to invite me over his house.  It’s too soon for all of that.)  He explains some story about going over somebody’s house to prepare it or something. I’m now realizing that I found it often difficult to follow his style of conversation.  Sometime before we got off the phone we agreed to meet at about 7-8PM at the same Sports Bar we’d originally met in.  Earlier during our courtship Mr. Ole School 80’s Crazy had asked where I lived.  I gave him the same general answer I give everyone.  River Terrace.  Anyone from this city knows exactly where that is.  Around 7ish, Mr. Ole School 80’s Crazy calls and asks me for my address.

SSSSSCCCCCRREEEAAAAACCCCHHHH. Ummmm, that would be a NO SIR.  Anyway, we finally agreed to meet at a mutual location.  Well I get there and  Mr. Ole School 80’s Crazy politely asks the waiter to bring him a carry out tray upon our arrival and seating. Wait a minute.  We haven’t even ordered drinks.  Why do you need a carry out tray.  Well, ladies and gentlemen.  He had decided to bring his very own seafood including Steamed Alaskan Crab Legs and Spiced Shrimp into the sports bar we had chosen to go to to watch the game.  Ummmmmm, yea, so I really don’t think this is going to work out and I exit stage-right.


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