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What I’m Wearing 10/04/2017

What I'm Wearing 10/04/2017

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What I’m Wearing 10/02/2017

What I'm Wearing 10/02/2017


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Saturday Mornings

What ever happened to Saturday mornings when children came downstairs in their pajamas to watch morning cartoons while Moms fixed breakfast fit for a king and Dads looked for stuff that wasn’t really broken to fix around the house. After breakfast and a good washing, everyone in the house would begin their chores. Children raced to hide a number of objects under their beds and in their closets in an attempt to trick their mommies and daddies into believing their rooms were clean. If ever a deceit could be pulled off the children would be free to go outside to find all of the rest of the children who had completed their chores. They would play and run and hide and seek and ride and kick and jump and laugh sometimes even through lunch. But one thing was for certain.  The activation of those street lights would change their lives that Saturday and every Saturday to come. Those same lights that had remained tucked into plain sight all day would at some point betray each and every child governed by them.  Their Saturday would abruptly end, but it was everything to them while it lasted. I miss that life. 

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What I’m Wearing – 09/24/2016

All things Saturday.What I'm Wearing - 09/24/2016



Taylor lightweight cardigan
$435 –

TravelSmith petite top

New Look plus size legging
$23 –

Børn black shoes

Street Level hand bag


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Daily Prompt: Generous

When I was young, I was taught to treat others as you would want to be treated.  Some call it Karma.  Some call it the Golden Rule. Some just believe it to be righteous living. Whatever it was I became.  I’ve given away nail polish to perfect strangers, clothes and accessories to friends that simply complimented or mentioned an appreciation for an item I was wearing at the time. Money to family and friends. Time. You name it, I’ve given it.   However, I’ve only recently become someone that was able to receive.  I’ve always shied away from compliments or offset them with a mention of some flaw.  I’ve refused money for things I know I needed at the time.  I’ve refused help and assistance in many forms.  It wasn’t until recently I realized through all of my generosity, I have, in someways also refused to be loved as the woman God created me to be.  I’ve always been capable of loving others but I’ve always had a problem with truly allowing them to love me back.  Through very persistent friends and family members that refuse to take my “no” as their final answer, I’ve learned that it’s also okay to receive. It refuels. I treplenished. It rejuvenates and all of that is OK. No one has ever gotten very far on an empty tank.

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